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If necessity is the mother of invention, then we think constraint is the mother of creativity.

Dubtext is Lawrence Brock and Robert Popovic, and we create music within a series of self-imposed constraints:
1. No computers – not for making the music anyway (exception made for recording our performances)
2. Only improvisation – no pre-programmed sequences or patterns – everything is created live, in front of the audience
3. No expensive ‘vintage’ gear – most of what we use is relatively cheap and available in local stores (we support Bungalow Bill and Music Planet in Auckland)

The decision not to sequence anything in advance means we don’t play “songs” in the sense of compositions that are repeated. Everything the audience hears is improvised on the night from start to finish. We have a lot of fun coaxing musical sounds out of our table-top of noise boxes and effects units.

Every performance is therefore utterly unique and never to be repeated. Dubtext music can vary from ambient dub to psychedelic techno or trippy trance.

A Dubtext show is the antithesis of DJ-ing – everything is created in that moment for this specific audience, on this night, for this venue, combining the dramatic dynamics of jazz and the immediacy of dance music.

An important element to our shows is the ability for the audience to do other things. We don’t expect anyone to focus on us entirely (although we make an effort for that to be enjoyable – we usually run video and often perform with The White Wall who are amazing dancers). That would be placing a lot of expectation on you. We don’t want to be that demanding. So talk, shout, drink, wander around. We are confident our music will seduce you back sooner or later, it’s been designed like that.

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